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It's YOUR turn! 

Start making your life easier today by signing up for My T-Shirt Club!  

Hi! My name is Claudia and as a busy mom, grandma, and habitual multi-tasker, trying to decide what to wear was becoming a hassle.  

I realized I'm not the only one with decision fatigue so I started My T-Shirt Club to help the busy ladies of the world!  

You'll get an CUSTOM, EXCLUSIVE tee delivered to your doorstep every month!   

YES!! I'm ready - sign me up! 

My T-Shirt Club

When you become a My T-Shirt Club member you are treating yourself to:

   ✔ A comfy on-trend t-shirt every month!

  ✔ One of a kind custom designed   & EXCLUSIVE to My T-Shirt Club members only!  That means no one else will have one like it!

  ✔ One LESS desicion you'll need to make! 

  ✔  $23.00 per month plus 4.99 flat shipping.

My T-Shirt Club Plus! 

When you sign up for the My T-Shirt Club Plus membership you get:

 ✔ All the amazing benefits of the My T-Shirt Club  PLUS a surprise accessory too!  

 ✔ Your accessory will coordinate with your tee -think earrings, bracelets, water bottles, sunnies!    This is the best value and the most fun! 

  ✔ $33 per month plus $4.99 flat shipping.

(This is your BEST value and bang for your buck!) 

Sign up and the rest is SUPER EASY!   Get a new fresh comfy and stylish t-shirt delivered
to your doorstep every month.  

Completely custom and on trend designs.
Soft & comfy material.


Cancel, or reactivate your subscription at any time. No contracts or commitments - because yuck, nobody likes that.


T-shirts start shipping on the 10th of the month..  Your subscription will renew every month on the 5th of the month.


When your t-shirt arrives, wear and enjoy!   And girl -NO GATEKEEPING!!  Share pics and videos to our social pages!   

Yes, sign me up!!

Join My T-Shirt Club now! 
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Sign up NOW to get this month's t-shirt!  

Payments will be drafted on the 5th of the month.  Shirts will be packed and shipped out the door within 5 days.  

If you sign up after the draft day, your payment will be drafted the next month, and you will receive the next month's shirt.  

Crew neck t-shirts are unisex

Sizes run small through 3XL.